Beyond Boundaries

What is Beyond Boundaries?

The Beyond Boundaries Outdoor Adventure is progressive recreation program presented by Adaptive Adventures and the Spinal Cord Injury Association of Illinois. The program consists of three days and two nights of activities that bring together teams of spinal cord injured persons (ages 18-60) from rehabilitation hospitals.

Beyond Boundaries utilizes camping, hiking, cycling, kayaking, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities as tools designed to promote exercise, experiential learning, and socializing with their peers. This is a unique multi-day opportunity not currently being offered anywhere in the region. Individual participants are welcome and will be placed on a team.

 At the heart of this year's Beyond Boundaries experience will be the opportunity to kayak on the Mississippi River, handcycle through beautiful woods, and rock climb on the sheer limestone cliffs of Mississippi Palisades State Park. Spinal cord injured athletes use both standard equipment and specialized gear and techniques adapted for each activity. Able-bodied participants are given the chance to try the adapted techniques to gain a better understanding of the challenges involved and to demonstrate the "Abilities", rather than the "disabilities" of the participants.

One thing is certain, whether you're staff, a volunteer or a team member, the Beyond Boundaries experience will change your perspective on life's many challenges.

 Please contact SCIA for more information at or 708-671-1808. 


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